About Our Health

How to achieve? 

Without RIGHT strategy, we won’t get result.

I hope everyone focuses on process but not just result. Throughout the process, we accumulate knowledge which rationalise why we keep going on for sustainable health. This is far more important than any other goals I believe. 

In fact, this is a lifelong learning process as we are talking about health here. This is my interest too. I keep investing and learn from the best as I could. 

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This is me!

– I am basketball coach as said

– I am also an 38 years old accountant at bank

– Like other miserable office guys

– So busy all the time

– Fat

– Cardio exercise supporter every day

– Poor stress management

– Bad sleeping quality

– Always easy to get sick

– Liver issue

– Mental issue

– Stomach issue

My health condition has been so poor such a long time and I realised I really needed to fix this since I love my wife (you know what I mean.)

Thanks God. By incident I met a very knowledgable coach who taught me a lot in many aspects of health. I have been under his training program and coaching since Sep16. Below was my progress on Dec16.

My progress keeps going on even until now. Not rebounding but even getting leaner progressively. Photo was taken on 8Apr17.

Share & Help:

I understood there are a lot of fancy fitness and transformation programs. They are expensive and not all of them are with good quality. I know how it felt because I tried some in the past and I can’t see the results. (Of course, some of them are good but you need some luck to meet a good coach)

I was fat.

I was frustrated for fat loss even trying many.

I become lean and keep improving.

I have good health now.

I am very keen to share what I learnt.

I experienced and know how you feel frustrated.

I can extend my assistance if you want. 

I am very happy to design strategy for you


I need your strong commitment! 

Let’s enjoy the learning process together!

Will be fun.

At the end of the day

The ultimate goal is to STRONGER and HAPPIER basketball player!